Lean Construction Management und big®

For even more overview, link the LCM information with the BIM model content on big without additional effort.

LCM is currently on everyone's lips - how about linking the LCM information with the #BIM model content on big without any additional effort in order to obtain an even better and filterable overview?

With the LCM method, the defined cycle ranges ensure a reduction in errors, time and therefore costs, which in turn leads to more robust planning. The versatility of the big platform helps us with the implementation. Through our interface to e.g. LCM digital, we can link and visualize the constantly updated data of the project with the current BIM model. This allows us to create dashboards to #focus on sub-aspects and create a better understanding and overview of the next and already taken steps for all parties involved.

Takt areas are modeled in a so-called Takt model and inherit their information via a geometric relation to the components present in the coordination model. In addition, the deadline information from e.g. LCMdigital is mapped to the components.  With the help of PowerBi, these continuously updated contents can be visualized dynamically, e.g. in the form of cycle plan or calendar week dashboards - which are typical instruments and media in LCM. The executing companies, for their part, must document the work progress at least weekly.

We worked on the project shown together with Drees+Sommer and LCMdigital.