big® can reduce the
annual occupancy costs
of a property by 11%.

This alone generates a return on investment
of 50% over the entire life cycle.

For clients and investors, the added value grows from day one. big® releases optimisation potential from planning through construction to management.

Project dashboard

The automated processing standardises projects across all teams and makes them comparable. The KPIs of the individual projects can be directly displayed and better monitored in the general overview. For example, the project status, risk management or scheduling. In this way, sustainable experience values are built up and made available. For continuous optimisation.

Project Onepager and risk management

All relevant project KPIs can be displayed directly for clear and data-based risk management. The web technology gives everyone involved easy access to real-time data. All this on any device.

Interdisciplinary room book

big® avoids the re-entry and error-prone double maintenance of properties into a separate room book, a separate software. big® performs a complete collision and logic check of all data in real time, visualises deviations and makes suggestions for corrections.

Scheduling and milestones

All information of a project is networked through big®. This also allows dates and milestones to be linked to the current planning status. This provides precise and easy-to-understand insights into the project from many sources.

Efficient audits and documented feedback

big®'s data processing provides an easily available and consistent basis of the current status. Audit notes can be recorded directly and topic-specific communication ensures that details are not lost.