Building potential

What if your building had a digital twin? If all data were intelligently linked? With intuitive secure access? Like a Google Maps for your property? This would represent a growing potential in the millions each year.

Momentum of one

It all becomes one. big® bundles and networks all of a building's data into one big entirety. Nothing gets lost or duplicated, everything is intelligently networked, easy to use and to optimise. This allows buildings to be planned more efficiently, constructed in a more coordinated manner and operated more cost-effectively. A success formula for the entire life cycle of a property. 

big® – our mission

big® (building information grid) was developed by Kaulquappe AG. We help companies in the construction industry adapt to the digital future. big® creates a digital ‘home’ for every construction project based on structured data, making it visible, tangible and usable. More about us >