Kaulquappe wins the BIM AWARD 2021 with big for Rethink BIM!

The linking of BIM and LEAN on big® is awarded first place in the BIM AWARD.

Kaulquappe wins the BIM AWARD 2021 with big for Rethink BIM!

The award ceremony of the BIM AWARD 2021 was held in the Wagenhallen in Stuttgart in a festive atmosphere. At the event, the winners were awarded from more than 50 submitted projects in the 5 categories best infrastructure project, best building construction project, Open BIM, Rethink BIM and Research & Education. Patron of the event was the Minister of Transport of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Herrmann, who underlined the importance of the BIM method with a welcoming speech and presented the state's commitment to strategic integration.

With our submission of the project "New Office Building OWP12", which we developed together with Drees & Sommer and LCMdigital, we prevailed in the Rethink BIM category against a total of 11 projects, five of which were in the final instead of the usual three.

The automated linking of LEAN process data with the geometric BIM model enables a combined visualization and, along with it, numerous evaluation options such as the 4-week preview. It is thus possible to select any cycle area in the model, isolate the objects contained therein and thus display which specific components are being worked on at any given time.

We would like to thank the organizers and the jury of the BIM Cluster Baden-Württemberg e. V. as well as all colleagues involved in this exciting project!